Hectic Days

We (by we I mean me lol) are coming up on Oktoberfest here in the Augusta, GA area. I have an event scheduled for the first weekend of October and that means that this next week I’ll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off! My Event buddy will no longer be with me because she has had to move and is no longer anywhere close to us. *sad face* but that frees up a table in my space to really spread out (which is a little exciting!)

At the event I plan on having the Lotion/Lip balms/Dry Skin Salves out as usual. Also I’ll be featuring the ever popular Ouch Pouch (Heating/Cold Packs) all sizes available. I will also have the starting stock of cozy infinity scarves and cowls because you know “Winter is Coming” and it is never too early to start holiday shopping for your loved ones (or yourself.)  This is also always the option to place a custom order, you pay for your order we work out the details I’ll give you a creation timeline and either set up details to drop it off for you or ship it to where you need it to go! I aim to have customer satisfaction!

Small sample of what is available!!!

Small sample of what is available!!!

If you are going to be in the Fort Gordon (Augusta, GA) area on October 2 & 3 feel free to come out and enjoy the festivities! You’ll have Vendor Village to stroll through (‘ll be set up under the big tent), a flea market to possibly find some deals on things people no longer need, shows to take in, food to enjoy, and I believe there will even be a carnival (at least there was one last year!) Oct 2 we will be open from 4pm – 8pm and on the 3rd we will be open from 9am – 6pm. Even though we will  be located on a military post, this event is open to the public!

I hope to see you out there and if you see me out and about don’t’ mind me, I”m just the crazy lady trying to pull everything together in the last few days 🙂

Till next time!


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