Behind the Scenes

It’s been a few days since I’ve last posted and I wanted to show you all what I have been working on!

Coming up is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I never knew that this day existed until I became a military spouse and I’m happy that it does! It can be difficult for families/spouse of military member and so I’m happy that there is events and days that acknowledge the struggles that some face. As I was perusing the many posts of FaceBook land, I came across a post on one of the spouse pages for our current base. This post was asking if there were any small businesses or home businesses that would like to put their cards into the gift bags for the appreciation day events. So I contacted the lady and said I have samples and cards if you would like and she accepted! So now I’m in the process of putting together Plain Jane Lip Balm samples for the event. I believe they are putting together around 300 gift bags. This is the first time I’ll be offering samples of my lip balm and am super excited! Here is a sneak peak of the samples (before the labels):

Ivory sample lip balm

Due to the expansion of MCC (My Crimson Clover) it seems as though I need new business cards. The hubby brought this to my attention when handing out my card to a work colleague.  This is the third or fourth redesign of this current card but I like it now and it’s off to the printers. Here is a sneak peak:

bussiness card 4

I’m also signed up for the local events on the Fort Gordon base! I was recently given the opportunity to have an advertisement sponsored for MCC in a local child pageant booklet. So I gratefully accepted and quickly got on to designing the ad! Here is that:


So I’ve been doing all this as well as continuing to make product and helping my friend (and she has been helping me too) get her business online! We just finished opening her Etsy shop (which now we have to actually finish editing photos and put them up on her site.) You can find her shop here: Fairly Odd Fairytales Don’t mind the test listing on the shop she will be putting up the actual listings of all her awesome products soon (as soon as I finish editing the photos!)  Also we’ve been hard at work designing her logo (her designing and me putting it to the computer and fixing it to the digital designs) Late last night after finishing my business card we did her card!

business card1I’m off to get back to work. I hope you all have a great day!

Peace, love, and happiness! ~me


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