Good News All Around!

Today is a good day!

It started out with Rolling out of bed and realizing one of the children had to stay home today due to getting sick last night. After the groggy (almost tripping over my own feet) bathroom ritual I get the other 3 kids off to school. Like any other day I warm up and talk crafts and other BS with my neighbor and come home to deal with sickko who isn’t really even sick anymore…. (school policy *rolls eyes* she over ate but whatever)

She’s completely done with breakfast, wide awake and entertaining herself on the couch so I drag my bum back to bed and fall back to sleep. See something you may not know about me is that my sleep schedule is naturally during the day. I have always wanted to stay up late and sleep through the morning into the afternoon. Well after having kids the insomnia (or what was thought to be insomnia) added with the colicky twins it was suggested I go get a sleep study. Which I did. Come to find out I don’t have insomnia. I don’t have sleep apnea. I don’t have anything abnormal that would hinder me to sleep. BUT what I do have is a screwed up internal clock! So basically when everyone is about to wake up in the morning my melatonin is released and I’m ready for bed. I’m a natural Night Owl. “Is that your official diagnosis doctor? Night Owl?” was my response to which he threw a lot of technical terms at me and said I could try to retrain my body but when I went through adolescence  my internal clock reset to a later time than others.

So fast forward after my nap and errands, on the way home I get a call from my mother in law that my niece (she has guardianship over my nieces) has beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma!!!! She has been through quite the trial over the past several months. She was diagnosed and went through her first chemo therapy sessions and it didn’t work. So for the second set of treatments it was a more targeted and a stronger chemo. Well she just got the results back and she is cancer FREE. She is such an inspiration and I am so proud of her!

Now I’m off to format my next pattern! And hopefully release it into testing!!!!!

And a little eye candy

Dual fabric and lace scarf - featuring thin snuggly fleece fabric navy and navy and grey argyle pattern with 2 kinds of white crochet lace.

Dual fabric and lace scarf – featuring thin snuggly fleece fabric navy and navy and grey argyle pattern with 2 kinds of white crochet lace.


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