New and Exciting

In the world of MCC it has been pretty slow. I won’t lie, from the looks of it, from an outsiders view, MCC looks as if it has died. A horrible slow agonizing death.



Behind the scenes it’s been crazy busy. First we moved from Maryland to Georgia (thanks to the hubby being in the Air Force this is the life we lead with picking up and moving every couple of years starting anew.) Since this was my first major move with being a military spouse it was a whole new experience for me. One that I have learned a great deal from and hope that I won’t repeat those mistakes again. We’ve been here for a year and a half and I think I’m finally recovered from that move LOL (key words…. I think 🙂  and hope.)

Next I started getting feelers for what’s available around here for my business. I enjoyed a day of walking around Hearts in the Arts event when we first arrived (and plan to hopefully put in an application for this years event.) I have also connected with the event coordinator for Fort Gordon. Last October I did the Oktoberfest on base as well as the Christmas event. I’ve learned a great deal about how to deal with events, setups, displays, supply, demand, and a many other things that are just not interesting enough to put in here.

So I guess you could say that this past year and a half has been a huge recovery, learning, and rush for creating product craze.

This year is a little more relaxed as I have somewhat of an idea how to go about reviving MCC. Like the header says NEW AND EXCITING!!!! I’m glad to announce that I have gotten into making all natural health and beauty products and will also be sharing tips and tricks to making your household free from chemical cleaners. I have also learned how to sew! (My mom is happy about this! She tried to teach me when I was younger but I just don’t think I was interested in it enough to really get into it. Sorry mom.) With sewing I’ve opened a lot of new exciting products from Designer Infinity Scarves to our new line The Ouch Pouch. I spent this past Christmas time working on my sewing by making Tilda creations like her ballerina stocking, nutcracker stocking, and woodland animals. Let me tell you these Tilda doll creations are super-duper cute!!! (I say this as my friend is putting the patterns of her book on card board making an easier template, which I totally recommend doing if you plan on making them.)

I’ve been asked to design a square for a fellow crochet designers Crochet-A-Long. You may be familiar with Heather from Keep Calm and Crochet On UK. If you are you have probably heard about her 2015 CAL. This is the CAL that I’m in the midst of designing the square. So far I’ve gotten good feedback of the design, now I’m actually getting the pattern written down and worked up with 5 multiple colors. It still needs to be revised, formatted digitally, and tested and then released for the CAL (if it gets the final approval) but I’m happy to be designing again! Getting those creative juices flowing! Pictures to come! Check out KCACO-UK’s Blog and her Facebook Group if you are interested in joining her CAL!

Well I’m off for now, must get stuff done. Stuff = Life…. Peace, Love, and Happiness.



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